I live in this world as an artist and yogini. 

I have dedicated many years of my life to the Performing Arts, learning and working in many fields. I trained originally as a dancer, but during my training I stumbled into the circus and it has never left me. In that sense I could say I am a clown - juggler - mover with a big passion for the state of play and curiosity for social issues.

In my career as a performer I have aways been very active creating my own shows and collaborating with others. This has evolved into a large experience in project design and management, I am skilled in organising creative adventures, fundraising and coordinating teams.

I have worked for more than 10 years as a professor in universities in the field of Performing Arts: in academia I have found the passion to educate new generations of artist - citizens,  committed with self study and respect for others.


In the last years I have focused my life in the path of Yoga, awakening a spiritual life, studying and practicing this millenary science of connection. I love to share this practice and I am in the process of threading spiritual knowledge with my artistic work. 

As an artist and educator, I hope to contribute with a more conscious society through my practice: a global human community based in ethical principles of peace, empathy and love.