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Clown Sagan, scientist and space adventurer, undertakes an adventure towards the limits of science, nature and technology, in the exploration of the red planet. ¿Will it meet his expectations? ¿Will he find intelligent life? ¿Is this a trip with no return? Red Planet is a clown show that addresses a human and existencial reflection. 


This theatre piece is the creative result of the research project "Clown and the language of Soma", supported by the research office of the Pontifical Javeriana University of Bogotá. The project was developed between november 2020 and march 2022 and was focused on the enquiry of training and creative methodologies that propose a dialogue between clown technique and somatics.

Creative Team:

Artistic Direction and Dramaturgy: 

Catalina Del Castillo and Jorge Mario Escobar.

Creative performers:

David Moncada, Brunilda Zapata, Natalia Cuellar, Alis Pardo, Simón Prieto, Francisca Restrepo, Catalina Del Castillo

Light Design: Claudia Tobón

Costume and Prop Design: Milena Forero

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